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A history of achieving low cost as a result of imagination and innovation...

Indiana Rubber & Plastics began business in 1988 and consisted then of generations two and three in the family in the custom molding business. But our genealogy actually extends back to Firestone Industrial Products, which in 1938 invented the Air Ride shock which remains in wide use to this day.

In 1956, Kenneth Pickett left his job in the lab at Firestone, Noblesville, Indiana, to start Iris Rubber Company, Inc., a manufacturer of custom molded rubber, silicone and urethane parts located in Cicero, Indiana.

In 1974, his daughter Wanda Chatel became President and owner as well as second generation family in the molding business.

In 1982 I joined the company, becoming family generation number three in the business.

In 1984, sales at Iris Rubber dropped dramatically owing to both the recession of 1982 and [then] newly felt import pressure from Japan. Wanda sold Iris Rubber Company and pursued other interests for a time while I remained on with the new management for three years.

In 1988, Wanda and I founded Indiana Rubber & Plastics with the express goal of improving customer access to custom molded rubber, and later plastics by finding innovative ways of reducing start up costs without compromising quality. In 2013 Wanda passed away and the presidency passed to me, the third generation of family in the custom molding business.

I am experienced and knowledgeable in most manufacturing methods involving plastics and rubber and I work to stay informed as to both trends, innovations and best practices in the business. Our goal is to achieve the lowest total cost for our customers not by low labor costs or by merely following the herd overseas, but by engaging imagination and manufacturing innovation which achieves real breakthroughs in efficiency, economics and quality on behalf of our customers.

--Terence R. (Terry) Garrity, President and Owner

Kenneth Pickett, first of three generations in the family molding business, worked in the laboratory at Firestone. As part of heightened production to support the war effort, he even slept on a cot there through World War 2. In addition to Air Ride® rubber air shocks for trucks and other heavy equipment, at that time Firestone became a major producer of v-belt, hose, sheet, shock mounts, custom molded components and rubber tank track treads to support the war effort.

Firestone acquired the operation in 1936 at the advent of development of the first synthetic rubber compounds which were developed both due to demand for far better rubber compound performance than was available from natural rubber and because of supply interruptions of natural latices from which natural rubber is produced, from the Japanese theater in the Pacific.
Firestone began operations in Noblesville in 1936. The plant is now closed but going back two generations it was a true industry innovator as well as the seed for our own existence.
Moira Elder performs accounting, purchasing and customer service
Co-founder Wanda Chatel was second generation in the molding business just behind her father, a former lab technician at Firestone