There's nothing conventional about our
conventional molding capabilituies but the focus is different that with our low cost tooling program.

On websites and in their literature, our competitors list the same capabilities and qualities until the adjectives begin to sound cliche. We KNOW what makes us different and better in conventional custom molding...and we can articulate it. Here goes:

The goal we seek with conventional molding is to drive down the unit price as low as possible consistent with customer investment preferences for tooling kind, size and cavitation, a goal usually associated with high production quantities as compared to our low cost tooling program whose objectivbe is to give customers access to custom molding with breakthrough low investment cost up front. We have presses up to 900 tons clamp capacity.

We truly are one source for thermoplastics AND rubber. Tremendous flexibility and a vast array of material choices. Three generations of molding and material knowledge and experience.

We are also a true turnkey source for tooling AND parts. One responsible and accountable source.

Tooling AND parts production co-located in the same facility and everything made in the U.S.A., mainly in South Dakota and Iowa. The result is cost competitiveness, intimate control over tooling design, assured compatibility with our production machinery, shorter lead times, genuinely rapid prototyping, fast design and part revisions, and rapid mold maintenance, replair and when needed, mold replacement.

1.) Knowledge, 2.) experience with and 3.) embracing kaizen, J.I.T., demand pull production and other contemporary concepts that actually yield superior results for our customers.

Genuine customer sensitivity and empathy that begins with formally acknowledging your inquiry and treating your inquiry as coming from a close friend.

Openness to customer participation and counseling in continuing improvement programs to satisfy customer needs. If you know ways tomake us better, we want to know all about it.

And oh yes, in addition to the claims above, like our competitors we also have superb world class quality that keeps getting better, great material choices, wonderful service and design assistance. BUT, try us and test us and see how our claims hold up to our competitors.
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Conventional custom molded plastics and rubber
Conventional tooling takes the cost emphasis off of the tooling and puts it on the part price. This approach is usually applied to very high production quantities and is attractive to customers who are well qualified to afford a higher tooling investment..